Mythbusters: VersiFleece Edition

Versico’s VersiFleece roofing systems offer superior protection and long-term durability. With up to 75% fewer seams than modified bitumen roofing systems and exceptional puncture resistance, VersiFleece membranes are an ideal choice for new construction and re-roofing projects. However, there are a few common misconceptions about fleece membranes; so, we’re debunking those myths with these facts about VersiFleece.

Myth: Flexible DASH Adhesive must be installed in temperatures above 40°F. Any colder and the adhesive will not set-up or cure properly.

Truth: Flexible DASH Adhesive, a two-part polyurethane adhesive that reacts and foams when the two components mix, can actually be used in temperatures as low as 0°F when a heated machine is used and 25°F and above when a non-heated application is used for both insulation and VersiFleece membrane attachment.

Myth: Overspray can be a problem when using Flexible DASH Adhesive, forcing the contractor to find ways to prevent spraying excess adhesive on unintended materials present at the jobsite.

Truth: Versico approves both splatter and bead application of Flexible DASH Adhesive, significantly reducing the chance of overspray by eliminating atomization created with full spray applications. Splatter application provides an even coat of adhesive at ½ gallon per square, while providing uplift performance that rivals 4” beads and full spray.

Myth: VersiFleece membranes are difficult to repair compared to bareback membranes.

Truth: The addition of fleece backing on the membrane does not increase the level of difficulty when repairing a single-ply membrane. Repairing an adhered or mechanically fastened system will require similar repairs, regardless of the fleece backing.

Myth: A disadvantage of using VersiFleece is that the membrane must be dry before installation.

Truth: Manufacturers recommend that all roofing materials are dry prior to installation for optimal performance, so this does not put the contractor at a disadvantage when choosing between a VersiFleece membrane and a bareback membrane.

Myth: VersiFleece membrane must be cleaned prior to installation, adding a layer of complexity and possible challenges that are not present when using bareback membranes.

Truth: New construction, tear-off, or recovery applications will dictate the amount of cleaning that is required. Versico recommends that the substrate is clean, free of debris and other contaminants, and dry prior any single-ply installation.

For more information on Versico’s VersiFleece Roofing Systems, visit our website.

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