Training Opportunities

C.R.E.W. is our comprehensive training program that provides Authorized Contractors with innovative, world-class, hands-on training opportunities focusing on the installation of Versico-warranted roofing systems and best field practices.

contractor certification seminar

The Contractor Certification Seminar is a requirement to become a certified contractor to install Versico-warranted roof systems. The attending contractor’s company must be in the onboarding process with the Versico sales team.

Foreman's workshop

Foreman’s Workshop is a 5-day class intended for individuals who already have the skills to install single-ply systems but need a better understanding of inspection guidelines, customer relations, and labor-saving techniques.

insulation & tapered 101

This one-day class introduces attendees to common insulation types and the basics of tapered insulation, concentrating on key industry terms and how the products are used.

epdm, tpo, & pvc 101

This one-day class introduces attendees to various roofing membranes and systems, concentrating on products needed for installation and how they are applied.

EPDM, tpo, & pvc 201

This one-day class provides attendees with additional knowledge about the details and applications of Versico’s products and systems.

Specialty & Premium Products 301

This one-day class covers premium product lines, new products, specialty systems, and the labor-saving features of Versico’s products through a combination of classroom time and hands-on demonstrations.

TEC402 Roofing Design

Understanding Architectural Specifications and Building Code

This course will break down a standard “master” spec and how to achieve and present a clear picture of the goal of the installation to avoid conflicts between; building code, roofing specification & installation.

TEC502 Roofing Design

Technology Advances and Unforeseen Consequences

This course covers numerous industry concerns; from ASCE 7 calculations, energy efficiency, reflection of architectural elements and membranes, moisture migration, decking material evaluation for soundness, to building envelope details.

Flexible dash adhesive & rig training

This class covers in-depth content for all VersiFleece membranes and Flexible DASH adhesives. Attendees will learn detailed start-up, operation, shutdown, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of Flexible DASH dispensing equipment. Completing the 101, 201, and 301-level classes is recommended.


Virtual C.R.E.W. Training Experience

Versico Roofing Systems offers a live-streamed version of its comprehensive Continuing Roofing Education & Workshops training program that includes customized training courses for Authorized Contractors. The C.R.E.W. Virtual Training Experience includes highly interactive, half-day training sessions with two-way communication between you and Versico’s Technical Training Team.


Video Hub

Versico has several educational videos that include installation instructions for certain systems and details, tutorials for navigating the Versico website, customer testimonials, and more!