Air & Vapor Barriers

About Air & Vapor Barriers

Versico has a comprehensive line of air and vapor barrier products including self-adhering sheet membranes, spray- and roller-applied air & vapor barriers, and fluid-applied, vapor-permeable air barriers. Options for above- and below-grade applications are available.

VapAir Sealâ„¢ 725TR

A 40-mil composite consisting of 35 mils of self-adhering rubberized asphalt laminated to a 5-mil woven polypropylene film.

VapAir Sealâ„¢ MD

15-mil composite reinforced aluminum-coated poly with a self-adhering SBS. Used as an air and vapor barrier direct to metal decking.

SureMB 90 Base Ply

A 90-mil SBS-modified asphalt base sheet. Can be used in multi-ply roofing systems as an air and vapor barrier, or as a temporary roof.

SureMB 90TG/120TG Base Ply

Smooth-surfaced SBS torch-applied membranes reinforced with fiberglass mat. Used as a base ply, an air and vapor barrier, or a temporary roof.