Re-Roofing Solutions

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Re-Roofing Solutions

As a leading supplier of low-slope roofing products, Versico Roofing Systems has an entire portfolio of products that can accomplish almost any re-roofing project need. There are many considerations to take into account when it comes to the success of any re-roofing project, but there are three critical considerations: Convenience, Value, and Performance.

Re-Roofing Resources

Re-Roofing Guide

The Versico Re-Roofing Guide reviews components for different types of re-roofing applications.

TPO Metal Retrofit Brochure

This brochure discusses Versico‚Äôs VersiWeld® TPO, which can be installed over an existing standing seam metal roof to offer proven, long-lasting protection on the building. 

Performance and Cost Benefits of Adhered VersiFleece Roof Recovery Systems Sell Sheet

This recovery calculator is a great tool when comparing single-ply recovery system options.


There are many items to consider when faced with a re-roofing project on an occupied building to ensure minimal disruption and maximum convenience, such as: fumes and odors, noise level, project timeline, aesthetics, and the ability to maintain normal operations. Versico offers a wide range of products and systems designed with these considerations in mind.  


Versico can outline how different solutions can provide the value that is most important to the customer, such as installed cost, energy efficiency, maintenance cost, and overall environmental impact. As one of the leading manufacturers of low-slope roofing products, Versico can show you how different solutions can provide the value that is most important for any project.  


Versico offers re-roofing systems with warranty options ranging from 10-30 years, in addition to options including hail and accidental puncture coverage. Versico can help you design a re-roofing system that provides the resistance required to keep your roofing system performing for decades. Your building's roofing system plays a major role in the resiliency of that building.


Re-Roofing Solutions Product & System Videos

Versico has put together a series of videos highlighting the features and benefits of our products and systems that are ideal for re-roofing projects.

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