X-Tenda Coat Coatings Solutions

Acrylic Coating. Silicone Coating.

X-Tenda Coat Coatings Solutions

X-Tenda Coat provides a cost-effective, fluid-applied roofing restoration system that can extend the life of an existing roof. Versico offers two lines of high-performance roof coatings that can increase a rooftop's reflectivity and improve its performance, while offering minimal downtime to the building's operations. 

X-Tenda Coat Brochure

X-Tenda Coat Classic Acrylic Coating

A 100% acrylic, single-component, water-based, premium quality elastomeric coating.

X-Tenda Coat XTRA Silicone Coating

A single-component, moisture-cured, fluid applied low-VOC silicone coating.