About Insulation

Versico manufactures an extensive variety of commercial insulation products, providing increased thermal performance and energy efficiency. These products can be used across the entire building envelope – from the foundation to the roof, and everywhere in between.

Polyiso Eco Products

Versico Roofing Systems’ Polyiso Eco is a bio-based polyisocyanurate insulation product engineered to address environmental concerns in the construction industry.

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

Closed-cell commercial-grade insulation that features low thermal conductivity, high resistance to water, and high compressive strength.

Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso)

The industry’s premier roofing insulation. It can be attached using a variety of methods and is compatible with all Versico single-ply systems.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS insulation features up to 25% recycled content and boasts high R-values, making it an energy efficient and environmentally-friendly product.


Polyiso and EPS insulating coverboards offer the same protection as gypsum alternatives at a fraction of the weight.

Non-Halogenated Insulation

Provides the same performance characteristics as standard polyiso products but contain no halogenated flame retardants.