Marketing Announcements

October 24, 2022

Versico Roofing Systems Announces 16-Foot-Wide TPO Membrane

Versico Roofing Systems is excited to announce that the industry’s first-ever 16-foot-wide TPO membrane is now available for order.

September 08, 2022

Versico Roofing Systems' Dual-Tip Spray Applicator for CAV-GRIP 3V Product Update

Versico Roofing Systems is pleased to introduce its Dual-Tip Spray Applicator, which is specially designed for use with CAV-GRIP 3V Adhesive systems. This productivity-boosting tool is a precision-machined dual-tip attachment that reduces application time by spraying two streams of adhesive with a single CAV-GRIP Spray Gun and Hose. In addition to reduced application time, the Dual-Tip Spray Applicator improves application consistency without impacting adhesive flow or coverage rates.

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