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Labor Savers

Increase your rooftop productivity by taking advantage of Versico's labor-saving products. Find labor-saving products and information by looking for the labor saver hourglass logo on the Versico website.

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Labor-Saving Products



Spray gun-applied adhesive requiring no stirring or waiting for flash-off, can be used in cold temperatures and is quick to apply. Approved for use with both EPDM and TPO membranes.

Flexible DASH Dual Tank Adhesive

Adheres VersiFleece® membranes with superior staying power and strength. Decreases setup time compared to installations that use traditional bonding adhesives.

VersiFlex PVC HydroBond Water-Based Adhesive

Water-based, wet lay-in, one-sided dispersion adhesive for smooth-backed PVC and VersiFleece® membranes.


A low-VOC Aerosol Contact Adhesive that can adhere PVC bareback membranes to horizontal substrates and vertical walls, and VersiFleece membranes to vertical walls.


ReadyFlash Technology

Versico's ReadyFlash Technology allows contractors to manipulate adhesive flash-off times and off-set environmental variables, now available with VersiCore flat, SecurShield flat, and SecurShield HD products.

SecurShield HD Composite

A composite insulation panel comprised of 0.5" high-density polyiso cover board laminated to SecurShield rigid polyiso insulation, ideal for projects that require high thermal efficiency and maximum durability. 

SecurShield HD Plus Polyiso

Rigid high-density roof insulation panels ideal for re-roofing and new construction. Lightweight and easy to cut, handle, and install.

VapAir Seal MD Air and Vapor Barrier

Used for direct application over metal decks. Self-adhered, cold-applied product quickly creates an air- and vapor-tight seal.


VersiWeld TPO with SeamShield Protective Film

Versico's patented SeamShield Protective Film is an easy-to-remove film on the top and bottom seam areas of VersiWeld TPO membrane, protecting the seam from dirt, debris, and adhesive overspray.

16' VersiWeld TPO Membrane

16' wide VersiWeld TPO brings labor savings and efficiency to get more done in less time, with fewer rolls, less time spent positioning, and fewer seams to weld.

VersiGard Non-Reinforced EPDM with Quick-Applied Tape

Non-reinforced EPDM membranes with Quick-Applied Tape reduces the amount of time required to create seams between membrane panels.

VersiWeld TPO with APEEL Protective Film

Versico’s patented APEEL Protective Film guards the TPO membrane against scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation.

VersiFleece FR TPO Membrane

VersiFleece Fire-Rated (FR) TPO membranes are manufactured using a hot-melt extrusion process for complete scrim encapsulation.

VersiFleece RapidLock (RL) Roofing Systems

Revolutionary membrane attachment method that provides a fully-adhered EPDM, TPO, or PVC system without the use of adhesives.

Quick-Applied (QA) Membranes

Versico’s TPO and EPDM QA membranes come with a pre-applied adhesive to help save time and labor, use less product, and reduce likelihood of human error.

VersiGard EPDM with Quick-Applied Tape Single-Packs

Quick-Applied Tape saves labor and improves the quality of EPDM seams. Single packs can be used for smaller, cut-up projects.


AccuTrac Insulation Plate

This steel insulation plate allows contractors to stand while installing, providing a 38% labor savings compared to traditional methods.

VersiGard White Peel & Stick Accessories

These accessories feature pre-applied adhesive which saves time and labor and reduces the likelihood of improper installation.

Certified Fabricated Accessories

Prefabricated, in-stock and custom-order accessories which help accommodate difficult and unique rooftop penetrations.

PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip

Used for stripping-in flat metal edging, eliminating the need for costly PVC-coated metal or two-piece clip-on edge metal.