Roof Garden & Paver Systems

Advantages of Roof Gardens

Stormwater Management

Captures stormwater before runoff, which reduces stress on treatment facilities and prevents flooding.

Amenity Space

Adds beautiful, usable outdoor space to buildings.

Reduced Urban Heat

Sunlight is absorbed by vegetation, rather than creating the urban heat island effect.

Extended Service Life

Protects the underlying roof system from weathering and physical damage.

Why Roof Gardens?

Versico offers a diverse line of traditional and modular roof garden systems, as well as a wide variety of vegetation options to fit each project's individual requirements and design aesthetics. Our experts can assist with design and product selection to ensure that your system will perform its best. Versico's warranties protect the roof garden components, as well as the underlying roofing system.

Modular Roof Gardens

Modular roof gardens are made of pre-planted modules, that arrive on the jobsite with full-grown plants inside a container. These plant modules are simply set in place on the rooftop, with the soil elevators then removed for a seamless fit.

Traditional Roof Gardens

Roof gardens are available in traditional or planted-in-place roof garden options. A full line of accessories are also available, which help to ensure a high-performance system for virtually any type of application. Roof gardens are a perfect option for waterproofing.


Versico Roofing Systems wants to be sure that you have whatever type of pavers you need for your roof garden - plaza, rubber, and more!