VersiFleece® RapidLock

About VersiFleece RapidLock

This labor-saving attachment method provides a fully-adhered EPDM, TPO, or PVC system without the use of adhesives. The RapidLock (RL) system utilizes VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions to achieve performance on par with traditional fully-adhered systems. RapidLock provides up to 80% labor savings compared to traditional adhesives and up to 25% labor savings compared to a traditional VersiFleece system.

RapidLock Resources

RapidLock Product & System Videos


Re-Roofing with RapidLock

RapidLock is a no odor, no VOC, no adhesive solution making it a perfect solution for re-roofing an occupied building. Check out this video for more on how the hook and loop system delivers repeatably consistent results every time.


Labor Savers: Time Trial Featuring VersiFleece RapidLock (RL) EPDM

This time trial video showcases Versico's labor-saving 115-mil VersiFleece RL EPDM (10'x100' sheet) membrane.


VersiFleece RapidLock (RL) System Promo

This promotional video showcases the labor-saving qualities of the VersiFleece RapidLock (RL) revolutionary attachment method.

RapidLock Case Studies

RapidLock Project Profiles

Versico has put together a number of project profiles detailing installations of VersiFleece RapidLock (RL) Systems on different buildings.

RapidLock Voices from the Field Videos


Voices from the Field: Eikenhout Distribution

This Voices from the Field video showcases a demo done on the Eikenhout Distribution building in Grand Rapids, MI. The demo was completed with RapidLock membrane, proving an increase in labor savings and offering a fully adhered system without temperature restrictions.


Voices From the Field: Boulder Lumber

This Voices From the Field video showcases a roofing project on the Boulder Lumber building in Boulder, CO. This project utilized RapidLock EPDM due to wind uplift concerns given the location of Boulder and the winds the area faces.


Voices from the Field: VGN Monte Realty Office Facility

This Voices from the Field video showcases a roofing project on the VGN Monte Realty Office Facility in Long Island, NY. This project utilized RapidLock EPDM due to concerns about use of bonding adhesives in cold weather, saving on time and labor.