Versico's VersiWeld 16-foot TPO

Wider is Better

Versico's introduction of the industry's first-ever 16-foot-wide TPO sheet brings labor savings and efficiency to get more done in less time. With fewer rolls to load onto the roof, less time spent positioning and kicking out rolls, and fewer seams to weld, 16-foot wide TPO is the fastest and most efficient way to install adhered and induction welded TPO roofs.

VersiWeld 16' TPO Videos


How to Handle 16' TPO Rolls

With fewer rolls to hoist to the roof and stage, contractors can finish loading the job quicker and start getting the job done sooner. This how-to video will guide you through the steps.


Now Offering 16' Wide TPO

Work smarter, not harder with Versico's VersiWeld 16' TPO. This video showcases the benefits of a wider roll - from loading and staging the job to covering more with every roll.


Voices From the Field: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

This Voices from the Field video showcases a new construction project in Bethlehem, PA that utilizes Versico's 16-foot VersiWeld TPO sheets. Versico's 16-foot TPO sheets save time on the roof with less rolls to kick out and fewer seams to weld.

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