Versifleece membrane

This fleece-reinforced membrane provides superior puncture and wind uplift resistance, along with quiet and low odor installation.

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Advantages of VersiFleece

Increased Protection

Fleece reinforcement creates a thick, durable sheet and increased protection.

Puncture Resistant

VersiFleece offers excellent resistance to punctures and tears.

Quiet Installation

Quiet, low-odor installation, which is ideal for re-roofing occupied buildings.

Energy Efficient

VersiFleece is ENERGY STAR qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council certified.

Wind Performance

VersiFleece has industry-leading wind performance with uplift pressures from 90-945 psf.

Why VersiFleece?

VersiFleece fleece-backed membranes have exceptional puncture resistance, and feature up to 75% fewer seams than modified bitumen roofing systems – providing contractors with significant labor savings. Perfect for re-roofing or new projects in areas requiring puncture resistance and wind uplift performance.

VersiFleece Incentives

Versico offers an incentive program for VersiFleece contractors - the VersiFleece Individual Performance (VIP) program. These are a select group of contractors committed to installing VersiFleece roofing systems. VIP members receive a number of exclusive benefits, including an annual incentive trip.

VersiFleece Products & Accessories

VersiFleece® TPO

Non-woven polyester fleece pairs with TPO membrane to increase puncture resistance and durability.

VersiFleece® PVC 

Oil-, gas- and fire-resistant PVC membrane reinforced with a durable fleece backing to resist tears and punctures.

VersiFleece® FR TPO

VersiFleece Fire-Rated (FR) TPO membranes are manufactured using a hot-melt extrusion process for complete scrim encapsulation.

VersiFleece® RapidLock (RL)

This revolutionary membrane does not use adhesives, instead utilizing VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions to adhere membrane. 

Special Color VersiFleece TPO

VersiFleece TPO is available in three standard colors, and five specialty colors.

VERSIGARD® White P&S Accessories

Accessories featuring pre-applied adhesive. Help eliminate mistakes and save on labor costs.

Quick-Applied Tape

Provides consistent adhesive width and thickness while reducing the risk of error during seam installation.

Adhesives, Primers, and More

Chemically compatible products for bonding, splicing, and cleaning membranes.


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