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VersiGard® black EPDM is perfect for use in northern climates to reduce heating costs, and VersiGard white EPDM is great for reducing cooling costs in southern climates.


VersiWeld® TPO is perfect for warm southern climates - offering up excellent heat and UV resistance, weather resistance, and providing energy efficiency for building owners.


VersiFlex™ PVC offers unparalleled resistance to chemicals, grease, fire, and punctures - because of this, it is an excellent choice for many buildings including restaurants.


VersiFleece® is the ideal membrane for critical facilities such as hospitals due to its long-term protection against severe weather and the quiet, low-odor installation it provides.


Versico's warranty services provide industry-leading protection, covering the repair of leaks from a variety of causes - including accidental membrane punctures, hail up to three inches in diameter, and winds of up to 120 mph - and offer a variety of terms. With a Versico warranty, building owners can feel confident that their building has long-term protection from a best-in-class manufacturer.

Building Occupants

The team at Versico knows that it's not only what is on the outside of your building that matters to you - it's what on the inside that counts, too! Versico offers a variety of systems, installation options, and accessories that allow your building to be enjoyed; whether there is construction work being done or not. From low-odor adhesives, adhesive-less installation options, and membranes that promote a quiet roof - you and your occupants will be happy.

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Re-Roofing Solutions

As a leading supplier of low-slope roofing products, Versico Roofing Systems has an entire portfolio of products that can accomplish almost any re-roofing project need. There are many considerations to take into account when it comes to the success of any re-roofing project, but there are three critical considerations: Convenience, Value, and Performance.

Versico Corporate Accounts

Versico is dedicated to forming and maintaining strategic, lasting relationships that will build value for our customers. The corporate accounts team is focused on each and every aspect of roof ownership, and will guide you every step of the way - from your roof system design, to choosing the right products and contractors that fit your needs.


Dependable Quality

Versico has established itself as one of the top manufacturers of single-ply roofing membranes; known for high-quality products, excellent customer service, and unmatched technical knowledge. Support from Versico doesn't end once your roof is on - that's a promise.

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