The Role of Insulation Plates and Fasteners in a Mechanically Attached Single-Ply System

Insulation fastening requirements are typically less stringent in mechanically attached single-ply systems, compared to adhered single-ply systems. In an adhered single-ply system, the membrane is adhered to the insulation, with the insulation secured to the roof deck, typically with plates and fasteners. In order to improve the uplift performance of an adhered single-ply system, additional fasteners are utilized when attaching the insulation boards to the deck.

In a mechanically attached single-ply system, plates and fasteners are installed in the seams of the membrane. The seam fasteners are installed through the insulation into the roof deck, anchoring the membrane to the roof deck. To improve the uplift performance of a mechanically attached single-ply system, additional seam fasteners and/or heavier gauge seam fasteners are required in the seams.

What purpose do insulation plates and fasteners serve in a mechanically attached single-ply system?
Insulation plates and fasteners secure the insulation boards to the roof deck during membrane installation. Securing the insulation boards to the roof deck helps to ensure that boards stay in place during installation, and that insulation boards remain abutted on all edges to maximize thermal resistance performance.

Versico’s SecurShield products have coated-glass (CGF) facers on both sides. CGF facers provide exceptional resistance to moisture, increased wind uplift resistance, and increased fire performance. Due to the superior performance of SecurShield products, fewer insulation plates and fasteners are necessary in a mechanically attached single-ply system when compared to glass-reinforced felt (GRF) faced insulation products.

Versico has published a new detail - MA-27.5 - addressing these reduced fastening requirements when utilizing SecurShield insulation in mechanically attached single-ply roofing systems. The new detail requires only four insulation plates and fasteners per 4’ x 8’ board when ½” SecurShield HD polyiso is installed as the top layer of insulation, regardless of warranty length or windspeed.

For more information contact Brandon Reynolds, Versico’s Insulation Product Specialist.

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