Maintaining a Clean Roof During Installation (The Easy Way)

Maintaining rooftop cleanliness during installation (especially re-roofing jobs) can be very difficult even for the most seasoned contractors. Not only is presenting a clean, new roof to a building owner a reflection of a job well-done, functionally, the rooftop’s reflectivity is maximized for energy savings.

When it comes to presenting a new roof that looks new, there are three options:
  1. Careful Installation – An obvious answer that is often easier said than done. Best practices such as ensuring any remaining debris is removed from the roof and surrounding area and keeping boots/shoes clean can help prevent tracking any dirt onto the new membrane. But ensuring any other trades accessing the rooftop during installation follow the same protocol can be difficult and it can be nearly impossible to keep re-roof projects clean— especially those which involved tearing off a modified bitumen or BUR system.
  2. Pressure Washing – Following the project’s completion, returning with an approved cleaning solution, or following specified pressure washing procedures, can get that new roof looking new again. But this involves hoses, generators, managing wastewater, and costly time and labor.
  3. APEEL Protective Film – The newest option to maintaining a clean rooftop during installation, APEEL is simply a thin, protective film that is factory applied to the membrane. Available on TPO, PVC, and KEE HP, membrane with APEEL Protective Film is ordered, installed, and then the film is easily removed following installation, preserving the new roof’s cleanliness and reflectivity.
When considering how to set yourself apart from the competition, maintaining rooftop cleanliness during installation is a valuable differentiator. More effective than a careful installation, and cheaper and easier than pressure washing after completion, APEEL Protective Film is a great option for presenting building owners with the cleanest roof possible.

For more information, contact PVC Product Manager, Taylor Gingerich.

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