Attracting the Right Talent

It’s no secret that the roofing and construction industries have been faced with challenges when it comes to the availability of skilled labor over the past few years. These challenges are what led Versico to developing a focus on labor-saving products; helping save both money and the number of workers required to complete a task. However, we all know that quality is more important than quantity in many of these scenarios. So, how do you attract the right talent to your organization? We’ve put together some great tips and resources to help you overcome these issues and make sure your team is stacked with the right people to get the job done.

Grow Your Social Media Presence
Put a face to the roofing and construction industry by creating a social media presence for your company. According to The Construction Marketing Association, 97% of construction professionals are active on social media. By building your social media presence and creating a voice for your brand, you could find a whole new audience. Using your platforms to post job photos and feature the achievements of your current workforce is also a great way to make employees feel appreciated and seen by leadership, creating a culture of recognition and pride in your work. Visit this post from Digital Builder for more information on how to build social media buzz around your company.

Focus on Education
Not only is focusing on continuing education a great way to invest in your current employees, reaching out to local training programs and technical schools can provide you with a pool of potential talent that you can help train on the job. By getting in on the ground floor of these workers’ careers, you are helping to shape the industry and the future of your company.

Place Value on Technology
By utilizing your company’s website and online job boards, you are opening your job listing to an even larger pool of applicants. This utilization also shows that you see technology as valuable, helping to disprove the impression many younger workers have of the industry being “technophobic.” Continue to seek out other building- and roof-related technologies that the industry has to offer, and you may find yourself with a long list of applications who are inspired by opportunities to combine the two worlds. Visit this post from Construction Productivity Blog to learn how utilizing technology can even help bond your employees.

We know there’s no magic answer for how to hire the right people. However, with a little bit of technology and forethought; and a focus on your company culture; it’s possible that you can find yourself with your pick of qualified applicants. For a few more tips and ideas, check out this article and its accompanying eBook.

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