TechNews: Winter Safety Tips for Roofers

Roofing is an inherently dangerous job, but winter weather can make it especially hazardous. It's important that roofers take steps to help ensure their safety on the jobsite. Here are some of Versico's winter safety tips for roofers.

Before you begin

  • Dress properly for the weather conditions. Wear several layers of loose clothing; layering provides better insulation. Tight clothing reduces blood circulation to the extremities. Protect your ears, face, hands, and feet by wearing a warm hat, gloves, and boots. Tell your supervisor if you are not dressed warmly enough.
  • Be aware of wind chill factors when the temperature is low. Try to schedule work for the warmest part of the day.

On the jobsite

  • Avoid exhaustion or fatigue: energy is needed to keep muscles warm.
  • Drink warm beverages and eat warm, high-calorie foods.
  • Monitor your physical condition and that of your coworkers
  • Be aware of skylight and hatch openings that may be covered by snow.
  • Check the architectural roof plans for the types and locations of any penetrations.
  • Be aware of your position on the roof with respect to perimeters and other roof levels.
  • Check for icy surfaces that may be hidden by snow and check each roof level for ice.
  • Exercise caution when climbing ladders; be sure to check for iced rungs.
  • In colder weather, white membranes reflect heat and can promote slippery conditions due to ice and frost buildup that may not be visible. Exercise caution to prevent falls.

For more information about working outdoors in the wintertime, check out OSHA’s winter weather page and this article from NIOSH.

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