February 14, 2019

Keep Your Membrane Splices On Par With Industry Standards

One of the biggest challenges in the application of single-ply roofing systems is ensuring that all seams, curbs, and miscellaneous items are flashed-in per industry standards. Installing a water-tight single-ply roofing system is necessary to ensure a successful, long-lasting, and effective roofing experience. Seams are a fundamental part of the system,and their central purpose is to tie-in one sheet of membrane to another. The proper mating of both sheets at this connection point not only creates one uniform system,but also serves as the first line of defense to moisture infiltration. Many warranty claims can be credited to this aspect of a single-ply system and is a very common reason for roof failure. VersiGard® Pre-Cleaned Non-Reinforced EPDM roofing membrane makes installing seams easier and ensures seam integrity in the long term –resulting in less call-backs,and a better relationship between the contractor and customer. Here are a few benefits to installing seams on VersiGard Pre-Cleaned Non-Reinforced EPDM membranes: The membrane is pre-cleanedto remove mica dust, therefore eliminating the need to clean the seam areas with Weathered Membrane Cleaner prior to the application of primer. Pre-cleaned EPDM allows primer to be applied with a roller. Versico’s Quick-Applied Tape is available on all VersiGard Pre-Cleaned Non-Reinforced EPDM membranes up to 10-feet wide,which greatly reduces the seam completion time. The above steps will save on labor in the field, create less jobsite waste,and result in a quality-controlled installation. Please reach out to your local Versico Representative for more information about our VersiGard Pre-Cleaned Non-Reinforced EPDM products. For more information about EPDM products, please contact Ryan Ferguson.     Ryan Ferguson     EPDM Product Specialist     Product Marketing     ryan.ferguson@carlisleccm.com

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January 31, 2019

Safety First In All Kinds of Weather

Roofs may need to be functional in all weather; but when installing or inspecting a roof in cold weather, extra care must be taken. Versico has put together a list of cold weather installation and safety tips to make sure you put down the best roof possible, while staying safe! Safety Tips Dress properly for the weather conditions  Be aware of skylight and hatch openings that may be covered by snow. Check the roof plans for the locations of any penetrations.  Be aware of your position on the roof with respect to perimeters and other roof levels.  Check for icy surfaces that may be hidden by snow, and check for iced rungs on ladders.  In colder weather, white membranes reflect heat and can promote slippery conditions due to ice build-up that may not be visible.  Installation Tips VersiGard EPDM - Use non-folded sheets for cold weather installation. EPDM flashing products may require additional warming from a heat gun in cold weather.  VersiWeld TPO & VersiFlex PVC - TPO and PVC membranes and walkway rolls must be allowed to relax after they are unrolled and before installation. Also, welding techniques must be adjusted for cold weather application.  Low-VOC Bonding Adhesives and Primers - Store these products between 60°F - 80°F, and if outside temperatures are going to be less than 40°F, a heated enclosure or hot box is recommended for jobsite storage. TPO and EPDM membranes should be relaxed for 30 minutes or more before applying adhesives in cold weather.  CAV-GRIP 3V - This adhesive can be applied in temperatures of 25°F or above, but the cylinder must be kept above 60°F for the product to spray properly.  Flexible DASH - Store this product between 60°F - 80°F and return to 70°F before use. Flexible DASH can be applied in temperatures of 25°F or above, but if temperatures are below 60°F, hot boxes or heated blankets are recommended.  If you have any other questions regarding cold weather installation tips, please refer to this Installation Advisory or reference the Technical Data Bulletin of the Versico products you are using.

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January 17, 2019

Invest in Your Team - 2019 Training Programs Available

The world today is truly an ever-changing landscape when it comes to technology and resources. The roofing industry is not immune to such things; with new techniques, products, and systems always being introduced. Construction professionals are specifying and installing more challenging roofing systems constantly - and manufacturers need to ensure that everyone - from representatives to contractors - is on the same page. Versico has always had a strong commitment to training, consistently offering educational and training opportunities for a variety of levels across the United States and Canada. As a testament to Versico's dedication to training, a 68,000+ square foot Training and Education Center has been built at the Versico headquarters in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Regional training will still be provided, but this new training center will allow for a large variety of events and training opportunities for years to come. In new and exciting news, Versico is introducing Foreman Level Training in 2019. This course is intended for individuals who already possess the skills to install single-ply systems, but need a better understanding of inspection guidelines, customer relations, and labor-saving techniques. Covered in these courses will be: Membrane Characteristics and Performance  EPDM, TPO, and PVC Application and Inspection  Project Monitoring and Site Management  Identifying Installation Errors and Remediating the Situation  Overview of site organization and improved team leadership  If you have any questions at all regarding the training programs available through Versico, please do not hesitate to visit the Versico Training site, view available training programs, or contact the training team at traininginfo@versico.com.

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