VersiGard® QA

About VersiGard QA EPDM

Versico’s QA EPDM Membranes are available in non-reinforced and reinforced black EPDM and non-reinforced white EPDM. QA non-reinforced and reinforced black EPDM membranes can be installed in temperatures as low as 20°F (-7°C) and white QA EPDM membranes 32°F (0°C), which make these membranes a great cold weather solution.
Not only is it a low-VOC product, QA EPDM membrane offers excellent weatherability and hail resistance, while providing significant labor savings on the rooftop. EPDM’s 50-plus years of proven performance, in combination with Versico’s Quick-Applied Technology, results in an easy-to-install system with trusted seam technology.

VersiGard Black QA EPDM Membrane Installation Temperature Update 

Versico Roofing Systems is pleased to announce new 20°F (-7°C) cold weather temperature limits for VersiGard QA Non-Reinforced and Reinforced Black EPDM membranes. Both membranes have been formulated to allow for application in colder temperatures, expanding the inherent QA productivity advantages into the winter months. Versico’s QA EPDM adhesive has excellent cold weather tack for wintertime applications. The value of QA membranes increases in the cold winter months, as that is when traditional field-applied adhesives take longer to flash-off. 

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Watch the Video: VersiGard QA EPDM Installation

This video reviews best practices on storage and installation and shows just how easy the QA EPDM membrane is to install.