Toughness and Durability
VersiFleece membrane consists of Versico's time-tested and proven membranes laminated to a fleece backing, offering extra toughness and durability. VersiFleece membrane provides greater puncture and tear resistance than non-fleece single-ply membranes.
  • VersiFleece® TPO
    Ideal for re-roofing or new construction, VersiFleece TPO incorpo...
  • VersiFleece® PVC
    VersiFleece PVC is manufactured using Versico's VersiFlex™ PVC me...
  • VersiFleece® AC EPDM
    Versico’s VersiFleece AC EPDM membrane is factory fabricated with...
  • VersiFleece® AC TPO
    VersiFleece AC TPO single-ply cap sheets resist asphalt bleed-thr...
  • RapidLock
    Versico’s RapidLock (RL) Roofing System is a revolutionary membra...

VersiFleece® Documents

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VersiFleece RL TPO RapidLock Membrane (tdb)

Versico's RapidLock (RL) Roofing System is a revolutionary method of membrane attachment resulting in a fully adhered membrane without the use of adhesives.  This system utilizes VELCRO Brand Securable Solutions along with VersiFleece RL TPO to achieve performance to traditional adhered single-ply systems.  Versico's VersiFleece RL TPO RapidLock Membranes are manufactured using a hot-melt extrusion process for complete scrim encapsulation.  Once the TPO is reinforced and enhanced with RL fleece, the total sheet thickness available is 115-mils, creating a very tough, durable and versatile sheet that is ideal for re-roofing or new construction projects. 

VersiFleece RapidLock Roofing Systems Sheet

Versico’s RapidLock (RL) Roofing System is a revolutionary membrane attachment method that provides a fully adhered system without the use of adhesives. The RL system utilizes VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions along with 115-mil VersiFleece RL EPDM or VersiFleece RL TPO to achieve performance on par with traditional fully adhered single-ply systems. Underlayment options include 2.0" VersiCore MP-H RL or 0.5" SecurShield® HD RL Polyiso. The RL system is VOC- and odor-free, has no application temperature restrictions, and provides signifi cant labor savings thanks to the simplicity of the system and ease of installation.

VF-2.2 TPO Membrane Splices

TPO Membrane Splice Detail

VF-1.5 VersiTrim 300

VersiTrim 300 Detail

VF-1.2 Heat Weldable Drip Edge

VersiTrim Heat Weldable Drip Edge Detail
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