Multiple Ply
Versico's multiple ply roofing systems combine VersiFleece® AC TPO cap sheet with felts and base sheets and offer ENERGY STAR® qualification and excellent puncture resistance. Versico’s AC non-woven fleece is specifically designed to resist asphalt saturation and staining.

Multiple Ply Documents

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Design References - Part of the Versico Specification

Additional design considerations for specifying and installing Versico roofing systems.

Carlisle Construction Materials Line Card

This line card lists Carlisle Construction Materials brands as well as products offered by each brand.

Building Value Brochure

This brochure reviews Versico products and services.

VapAir Seal 725TR Improvements Marketing Announcement

Beginning in August 2017, Versico’s VapAir Seal 725TR will feature the following improvements:

  • Easier installation – New poly release liner reduces the number of people required for installation and minimizes the potential for wrinkles in the sheet. 
  • Less handling – Longer, 100’ rolls increase the amount of material per carton by 33%; roll weight remains the same.

  • Wider temperature window – Enhanced cold-weather performance enables application at temperatures below 20°F (-6.6°C).

  • Less waste – Larger rolls and new poly release liner take up less volume and reduce roll core and box waste.

A-27.1 Insulation/Cover Board Attachment

Insulation/Cover Board Attachment Detail
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