Multiple Ply
Versico's multiple ply roofing systems combine VersiFleece® AC TPO cap sheet with felts and base sheets and offer ENERGY STAR® qualification and excellent puncture resistance. Versico’s AC non-woven fleece is specifically designed to resist asphalt saturation and staining.

Multiple Ply Documents

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Type VI Glass Ply Felt (tdb)

Manufactured with a heavyweight ?berglass mat containing heat-cured resinous binders for added dimensional stability.

SureMB 90TG Base Ply (tdb)

A torch-grade SBS modified base ply.

SureMB 120TG Base Ply (tdb)

A torch-grade SBS modified base ply.

SureMB Vented Base Sheet(tdb)

SureMB Vented Base Sheet is a heavyweight venting base sheet constructed from a fiberglass mat coated with weathering-grade asphalt.

CCW-702 and 702LV (tdb)

CCW-702 and 702-LV are quick-drying, solvent-based, high-tack adhesives specifically designed to promote maximum adhesion of Carlisle 725TR Air and Vapor Barrier to approved substrates. They are also used as a surface prep to promote adhesion with DASH™ or FAST® adhesives.
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