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DASH Dual Tank Adhesive (tdb)

DASH Dual Tank Adhesive is a two-component, construction-grade, low-rise polyurethane adhesive designed for bonding Versico's VersiFleece membranes and/or insulation to various substrates.

CAV-GRIP 3V Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer (tdb)

CAV-GRIP 3V Low-VOC Aerosol Contact Adhesive/Primer can be used for a variety of applications:  adhering VersiFleece, standard VersiWeld TPO and VersiGard EPDM membrane to vertical walls, enhancing the bond between Versico's VapAir Seal 725 TR and various substrates, and priming unexposed asphalt prior to applying DASH Adhesive for insulation attachment.  Cav-GRIP 3V can also be used with standard TPO membranes as a substrate adhesive on horizontal surfaces for warranties of up to 20 years.

CAV-GRIP Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer (tdb)

CAV-GRIP is a multi-purpose contact adhesive/primer recommended for enhancing the bond of Versico’s 725TR. CAV-GRIP can also be used as a primer for unexposed asphalt

CAV-GRIP 3V Marketing Announcement

Versico is excited to introduce CAV-GRIP 3V Adhesive, a revolutionary new product that can be used to bond standard TPO to horizontal substrates.  Cav-Grip 3V can be used in the same applications as the previous formulation, including adhering standard TPO and VersiFleece membranes to vertical surfaces.  In addition, Cav-Grip 3V is also approved for application of non-VersiFleece EPDM to vertical surfaces. 

Air & Vapor Barrier Field Guide

Field Guide with Details.

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