VersiFleece® AC EPDM
Versico’s VersiFleece AC EPDM membrane is factory fabricated with a patented hot-melt adhesive technology. The finished sheet is comprised of VersiGard® non-reinforced EPDM membrane laminated to a non-woven fleece backing and is specifically designed for mechanically attached recover installations.

VersiFleece® AC EPDM

Mechanically Attached Recover

VersiFleece® AC EPDM Documents

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VersiFleece RL EPDM Form Specification

Form specification for VersiFleece RapidLock EPDM roof systems.

VersiFleece AC EPDM Mechanically Fastened Guide Specification

Guide specification for mechanically fastened VersiFleece AC EPDM roofing systems.

Specification Supplement - Part of the Versico Specification (VacuSeal, DeckVent, VersiFleece RL- RapidLock)

Addition to Versico's roofing system specifications, the Specification Supplement represents part of Versico's requirements for obtaining a roofing system warranty.  This Supplement includes information in VacuSeal, DeckVent and VersiFleece RL (RapidLock) products.

VersiFleece AC TPO and VersiFleece AC EPDM Roofing Systems Specification and Details

This specification includes VersiFleece AC TPO Hot Mopped and Cold Applied systems as well as VersiFleece AC TPO and VersiFleece AC EPDM Mechanically Attached systems.  - 3-Part CSI Format *HYPERLINKED TABLE OF CONTENTS*
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VersiFleece® AC EPDM Media

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