Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)
Modified: 10/02/2013
Green Guide
The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is an independent and non-biased organization that has established a system for providing Building Code Bodies, Energy Service Providers, Architects & Specifiers, Property Owners and Community Planners with accurate radiative property data on roof surfaces that may improve the energy efficiency of buildings while positively impacting our environment. This section explains the program functions.


  • Independent organization
  • Established a method for reporting creditable reflective properties of roof surfaces
  • Registers laboratories to do the testing
  • Maintains list of registered manufacturers and product reflective properties

Test Methods CRRC-1

Test Methods

  • Reflectivity
    • ASTM E 908
    • ASTM E 1918
    • ASTM C 1549
  • Emittance
    • ASTM C 1371

Test Procedures

  • Inital
    • Samples submitted to accredited laboratory for testing
    • Materials from two (2) lots shall be supplied
  • Weathered Samples
    • From same materials submitted for initial testing
    • Sample size is 24 sq. in. mounted on plywood
    • Material is sent to Accreditied Lab
    • Accredited Lab will send materials to Weathering Farm lab
    • Weather Farm Lab will return the samples to accredit lab after three (3) years of testing
    • Accredited Lab reads final values for reflective and emittance
  • Versico Listed Products


Versico Listed Products

Product Reflectance Emittance
VersiWeld White
VersiWeld Tan
VersiWeld Gray
VersiGard White EPDM 
VersiGard EPDM

CRRC Labeling

  • CRRC label can only be used on products tested to CRRC-1
  • CRRC label shall be placed on the product, its wrap or container

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