TechNews: Achieve the Look of a Metal Roof with Contour Ribs

Versico’s TPO and PVC Rib Profiles are a great way to achieve the look of a standing-seam metal roof on single-ply TPO and PVC projects. It is important to remember that when using rib profile, an owner will be judging the finished roof on its looks, in addition to its performance. It’s important to ensure proper spacing and alignment, and to consider where membrane splices will fall when installing the rib profile. Here are some important tips to follow on your next rib profile job:

Measure Carefully
Double check your measurements before you start the job. Prior to installing any rib profiles, measure the spacing for the ribs on the roof to ensure they are spaced properly. If possible, try to align the edge of a rib profile with a splice in the membrane to hide seams.

Use a Jig or Pan to Help with Spacing
Once the spacing has been determined, lay out a few ribs on the ground and position the automatic welder as if the rib is being welded. Then measure the space between the edge of the welder and the next rib. This dimension can be used to fabricate a metal pan to ensure proper alignment and spacing of the ribs.

The First Rib Is Critical
Always chalk a line to position and install the first rib. Align the edge of the rib with the chalk line and tack-weld it every 6” to ensure it is perfectly straight and stays in place. If done properly, the first rib can act as a guide to align the next rib using the metal spacing pan. It’s important to ensure that after the first rib has been tack welded for positioning purposes, you fully weld it for permanent installation.

Use Heat to Hold Rib Profile Pieces Together
To reduce separation of connected rib profile pieces during the welding process, use a hand welder to heat the end of one of the rib profiles after inserting the connector pin and push the two ends together. This will help eliminate small gaps between rib profile pieces.

Safety Is Paramount
Worker safety is a necessity when working on steep slopes, which will be the majority of rib profile installations. Fall protection systems may be required to reduce the potential for slips and falls. Consult with local bodies of government to ensure compliance with most recent safety guidelines. Proper footwear will also aid in reducing the chance of slips and falls on high-slope roofs.

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