Properly Cutting APEEL Protective Film

Versico’s APEEL Protective Film guards the surface of TPO or PVC membrane from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation, but it is critical that the film is cut properly around penetrations and accessories to avoid damaging the membrane.

Here are some simple tips when using APEEL Protective Film:
  • When installing Versico’s PVC or TPO with APEEL, the film may need to be cut and removed around penetrations, curbs, or other flashings. It is important to make sure the proper technique is used to avoid causing damage by cutting into the PVC or TPO membrane.
  • APEEL Protective Film should always be pulled away from the membrane prior to cutting. The film should never be cut while it is still adhered to the PVC or TPO membrane. Even if specialized cutting tools are used, it is easy to cut into the top surface of the membrane, causing damage to the weathering layer of the PVC or TPO.
  • Pull APEEL off the membrane around the flashing area. Remove the APEEL Protective Film from the membrane in the areas where it will be cut away.
  • Cut the APEEL Protective Film while holding it up, away from the membrane’s surface.
  • Any APEEL film that was pulled away for cutting can easily be reapplied by pressing it back down after cutting.
  • After installing flashings per Versico specifications and details, APEEL Cover Tape can be used to cover exposed areas, keeping 100% of the roof clean and reflective.
We’ve also put together a video that describes the steps in detail, to ensure you are properly cutting the APEEL Protective Film. Watch the video here.

If you have any other questions about properly cutting APEEL Protective Film, please contact your Versico Independent Sales Representative.

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