TechNews: Springtime Roof Checkups

Spring is here, which means it’s time to check roofs for any damage caused by winter weather. Even in warmer climates, Versico strongly recommends regular spring roof maintenance, as damage can be caused by wind or foot traffic from maintenance personnel.

From ground level:
  • Walk the perimeter of the building and check the gutters, downspouts, and upper areas of walls to make sure that they are not damaged or loose due to heavy ice.
On the rooftop:
  • Above all, use proper protection equipment and extra caution.
  • Check the gutters and downspouts again to ensure that ice build-up has not damaged the flashings or loosened the gutters. Carefully clean out any debris that may have accumulated.
  • Check all drains to ensure they are functioning properly. If there is ice build-up in drains, do not aggressively break up the ice with any tools, as this could damage the roofing membrane. Check for missing or damaged strainers.
  • Check the counter-flashings around walls and curbs, if any exist. Deep and drifting snow can affect the integrity of counter-flashings. Look for loose fasteners or terminations as well.
  • Check the seam areas and flashings to see if ice or snow movement has caused damage to the seams.
  • If there are rooftop gas lines sitting on wood blocks, check to see if snow or ice has caused any movement in the gas lines.
  • Ask the building owner if they have attempted any remedial methods to mitigate or remove ice or snow. Review these areas for any unintended damages, such as holes in the membrane, particularly if maintenance personnel used shovels to remove snow and ice.
  • Inspect around all rooftop mechanical equipment; look for damage or cuts around units.
  • Check for any accumulated debris.
  • Check for displaced ballast or raised fasteners, which might indicate wind damage.
If you notice a potential warranty-related issue on your roof, please call Versico’s Warranty Services department at (800) 992-7663 or submit a claim through the website, Please be sure to contact Versico before beginning any repair work.

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