TechNews: Wintertime Storage and Installation Tips

Here are some wintertime storage and installation tips for Versico’s adhesives, primers, and QA accessories.
Storage Tips

Low-VOC Adhesives and Primers and QA Accessories
- Store between 60°F-90°F. If stored below 60°F, restore to between 60°F-90°F before application. Visit for more information on jobsite heating equipment.
- If adhesive is stored in below-freezing temperatures, it may solidify in the can. If this occurs, restore to room temperature for at least 24 hours before use.
- The exposure of water-based adhesives (HydroBond™, Aqua Base 120) to temperatures below 32°F will cause the adhesive to freeze, rendering the material unusable even when it has returned to room temperature.

Flexible DASH™ Adhesive
- Keep your materials warm using hot boxes or heated blankets. Flexible DASH must be a minimum of 70°F for the material to flow and mix properly.

Flexible DASH Dual Tank Adhesive

- Whether at a distributor’s shop or on the jobsite, always store the adhesive in a heated space with temperatures maintained between 70-90°F. The adhesive thickens, causing spray/pressure to weaken when tanks are below 70°F.
- Place the tanks on a pallet or piece of insulation to avoid contact with a cold steel or concrete deck that will act as a “heat sink.
- Do not store or heat tanks in areas where temperatures reach 120°F or higher.

- Always store the adhesive in heated spaces with temperatures maintained between 70-90°F. The adhesive will thicken, causing spray/pressure to weaken when cylinders are below 70°F.
- Place cylinders on a pallet or insulation to avoid contact with a cold steel or concrete deck.
- Do not store or heat cylinders where temperatures reach 110°F or higher.

Installation Tips

Low-VOC Bonding Adhesives
- Stir thoroughly once per day until all settled polymers are dispersed and the adhesive is a uniform yellow color. During mixing, scrape the sides and bottom of the pail until the adhesive is a uniform yellow color with no dark streaks. Keeping the adhesive warm, as well as using an air-operated mixing paddle, will aid in the mixing process.
- Avoid puddles and globs and re-roll any wet areas to break the skin and allow solvents to flash off.
- Shaded roof areas take longer to flash off than sunny areas.
- Use the “tack test” to ensure that solvents have flashed off and the adhesive is still tacky.
- If the adhesive is not tacky, it has over-dried and must be re-applied at the published coverage rate.
- Install the membrane shortly after adhesive passes the tack test, then immediately broom or roll the membrane after setting the sheet.

Water-Based Adhesives
- Water-based adhesives can only be used when the outside temperature is 40°F and rising. Do not use water-based adhesives if the ambient temperature is expected to drop below 32°F.

Flexible DASH Dual Tanks
- Flexible DASH Dual Tank Adhesive can be installed in ambient temperatures down to 25°F. Plan your work day to allow spraying above these temperatures.

- CAV-GRIP 3V can be installed down to 25°F when bonding TPO or EPDM and 15°F when used as a primer; 35°F for CAV-GRIP PVC. Plan your work day to allow spraying above these temperatures.
- Dispense product from cylinder while it is still warm.
- When product in cylinder becomes too cold, it will begin to spit rather than spray. If this occurs, swap the cold cylinder for a warmer one and return the cold cylinder to a heated area.

For more information, visit the Versico website.

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